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My first camera was a "Kodak" box my father brought from Belgium and my first shots were done in "Gan Haatzmaaut" looking over the Tel Aviv beach. I was doing industry and nature photography in Ein Gedi Photographic Workshop, which specialized in professional photography and wall mural enlargements.

After leaving the Kibbutz and the workshop, I had a major problem, after becoming used to control my color prints in the sophisticated lab. I used my camera very little until the arrival of digital photography and its image processing capablities.

At the beginning of 2005, me and my wife Eti went to India for a year long trip. All this time Eti wrote a Blog diary which the Hebrew readers can see in another space in the site, while I was trying to document everything with my digital camera. For the better part of the trip I used my Olympus C700UZ, and in Chennai I replaced it with an Olympus C8080WZ, since the 700 had a lens problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you sell your pictures?
Yes. Pictures will be delivered electronically (so that you can arrange for your own printing) either on CD (for a large number), or made available for you to download.
A fast connection is essential if you plan to download the image file.

The cost for the image is:
$ 50 for private use,
With a 20% discount if you buy two or more pictures at one time.
$100 when licensed for commercial / business use (more details of the licence available on request)
With a 20% discount if you buy two or more pictures at one time.

What I need to know is which specific picture or pictures interests you, tell me the file name, and the size that you plan to have it printed, just tell me the length of the longest side. The final picture will retain optimum quality if it is prepared at source for printing at a specific size.

If you live in Israel, I am ready to monitor the printing and send you the printed picrure, optionally monunted on a toughned foam board and/or framed. I will charge a nominal fee for the work, and do it in one of the well known high quality studios in Tel Aviv.
Printed images (specify if you want it glossy or matt, mounted or framed):
Payments are accepted from Israel by cheque.
Payments are accepted from the rest of the world by US$ Checks .

The pictures presented on the web are low resolution versions. For every low res picture on the site there is a high res version. Most of the pictures on file will print large, up to poster size, but a few would need to be limited to smaller size where the original image has been heavily cropped. Pictures supplied are in 8 bit JPG format with a colour pallet of sRGB at a resolution of 300 dots per inch.

Q. What sort of camera should I buy?
To quote Graham Jeffrey, who is my authority on those matters:"I don't know."

Q. How did you build your site?
Amit Friedman (the husband of Hadas my daughter) built it for me, based on SensitiveLight a web site which I found most simply and effectively designed. It is the site of a wonderful English photographer named Graham Jeffery who lives in Hinckley, somewhere in middle England - http://sensitivelight.com .

Q. Who hosts your site?
India Images is hosted by _____ and their service is excellent. Uri Raz helped me get the hosting services, and escorted me and Amit along the way, many thanks to him. (site of Uri...)

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