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This site is made of images taken in India during our trip there in 2005.

Our trip started in Darjeeling, in the North-East side of India. From there we went to Sikkim, and then to Varanassi, Rishikesh, and Darmasala. There we rented an apartment and studied buddhism for 2 months, including an 11 day teaching by HH the Dalai Lama. From there we went to Manali, Spitti Valley, Ladakh and then back (once again a hair-raising two days bus trip) to Manali and back to Delhi. We left India for a short stay in Burma (which I hope to document in a similar site), and returned to Madhya-Pradesh and Goa.

From there we went to Kotchin and Munar in Kerala, the back-water in Allpuza and Varkala, across the southern tip through Trichi and Madurai, on the eastern shore to Pondicherry and Mamalipuram, Chennay where we stayed in the Krishnamurti Foundation Estate, and then to Bodghaya, for a Buddhist Seminar.

From there, on our longest (40 hours) rail trip to Jodhapur in Rajastan. We then went to Jaislamar, and the finale was in Udiapur, where we got stuck on the lake shore for several weeks.

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